7 Tips for RV Camping in the Desert

Every year, a caravan of snowbirds descends into the deserts of the American Southwest.  Not only Nevada, but Arizona, California, and New Mexico desert camping offer a scenic respite from the frigid temperatures of the North.  And it’s no wonder. Gorgeous night skies with twinkling constellations stretch between the two horizons. 

The warmer, drier desert destinations offer an abundance of outdoor activities that RV campers love. For starters, there are no mosquitos in the desert.  When the sun sets, the cool night air is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

To make your desert RV camping experience enjoyable and fun, you need to pack the right supplies.

Consuming Lots of Water

It is the desert, after all, and with the dry conditions comes easy dehydration.  Desert campgrounds may not have access to potable water, so you should bring more water than you think you will need. It can be several miles to a place where you can get water, so fill up your tanks and bottles before you head out.  Be sure to include extra water for your four-legged campers, too!

Use an Aluminet Shade Cloth

Daytime temperatures can easily rise above 85 degrees F, even in the colder months.  In the heat of the day, it’s paramount to have a shady spot where you can relax. Aluminet is a metal fabric that has cleverly been knit together using a specialized metallicized material.  

Because it’s porous and knitted, this shade cloth reflects heat and allows for hot air to rise through them, keeping the campsite about 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding air.  The porous structure makes them less susceptible to wind damage than other woven tarps. 

A Packable Brimmed Sunhat

Getting heat stroke in the desert is a very real possibility if you don’t take certain precautions.  A broad-brimmed straw hat can help protect you from the direct UV rays of the sun. But while a sunhat is great to have, every experienced desert RV camper has seen at least one good sun hat crushed by the rigors of travel. There are lots of great-looking, travel-friendly packable hats out there to fit all styles and sizes.

A Good Cordless Vacuum  

There is no getting away from the dust in the desert.  It can get into places you didn’t even know existed! But you can keep it under control from collecting in your RV with a good-quality cordless vacuum.  Brands like Dyson may cost a little more, but they last for many years and is a good space-saving storage model with superior suction.

It’s All About the Clothing

In the desert, dressing in layers is the norm. Clothing that is light-colored or white reflects the sun’s rays and will help keep you cool.  Loose clothing allows your body heat to escape and will also help. As much as the desert heat rises in the day, the nights can get darn chilly and can dip as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Always bring warm clothing for unforgettable evenings under a starry desert sky. 

An RV Rug

With our shoes bringing in sand and dust whenever we enter the RV, it’s a good idea to have a large woven polypropylene RV mat to catch some of the desert before it comes into the RV.  The one drawback to this is that desert insects (like scorpions) might appreciate your rug as a good hiding spot against the heat of the day. We suggest looking carefully under the rug every day or two so they won’t get too cozy in your RV.  

A Good First Aid Kit

Desert campsites are often many miles from medical assistance.  If you are injured or have another medical emergency, you may have to travel for an hour to get medical help.  This is why you need to have knowledge of first aid and a good first aid kit when you are camping in the desert. 

More than anything, have FUN and stay safe out there! Parking your Rig at Las Vegas RV Resort includes an abundance of amenities for an enjoyable desert camping experience!