Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas

Recently, we wrote about the latest and greatest lounges to hit up in Las Vegas. We thought it would also be a good chance to talk about one of the most classic spots where you can get some explosive libations, Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas, near the Las Vegas RV Resort.

Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors, established in 1952, is the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas. The owners are quite proud that they boast the first package liquor license and off-sales permit in the city, #00001. The bar was established by Joe and Stella Sobchik and named after one of the favorite activities of the patrons, watching atomic blasts from the roof!

The bar has seen some of the greatest Las Vegas entertainers with visiting patrons including the Rat Pack, the Smother’s Brothers, and Barbra Streisand.

Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

Some Features

The bar is open Wednesdays through Sundays. They occasionally put on a festival such as Sour Saturday, where folks can try sour beers, and the Beer Zombies festival. The Atomic also features a variety of craft beers, which rotate constantly.

Attached to the building is the Kitchen at Atomic. It also has its own bar, but of course, you’ll go there to get some grub. They offer some great smaller dishes, but you can also get a full meal like their swordfish, hanger steak, or even a cauliflower steak!

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