The Valley of Fire State Park | Las Vegas RV Resort

The Valley of Fire State Park

We love Las Vegas! It’s a great place to find just about anything you can imagine. When you’re staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, you may want to spend a good amount of time in the city exploring, gaming, and dining. However, if you feel like getting some clean desert air away from the … Continued

That New Celebrity, Las Vegas Snow! | Las Vegas RV Resort

That New Celebrity, Las Vegas Snow!

If you know Las Vegas, you’re familiar with all the talent that comes in and out of the town. Staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, you can have a great home base while you’re out looking to catch celebrities having fun or at their latest show in town. Usually the celebrities that folks talk … Continued

Fun Facts About the Greatest City in the World, Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

Fun Facts About the Greatest City in the World, Las Vegas

Last time we were discussing some fun facts about the greatest city in the world, Las Vegas. We thought you might enjoy it if we shared some more fun facts before your stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort. So, sit back and enjoy as we reveal some more interesting tidbits. Fun Facts about Love … Continued

Fun Facts about Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

Fun Facts about Las Vegas

One of the neat things about spending a lot of time in Las Vegas is picking up all the fun facts about Las Vegas. Now, this is likely true of any place you stay in, but odds are the facts in Vegas are just more fun. So even though you’ll be able to ferret all … Continued

Mohave desert | Las Vegas RV Resort | Oasis

The Oasis in the Desert

When you’re visiting Las Vegas via the Las Vegas RV Resort, it can sometimes be easy to lose yourself in the city and all the amazing creations that men have built there to entertain and more. You will no doubt enjoy the casinos, eateries, and other fabulous businesses that fill the city. Sometimes it is … Continued

Boneyard Las Vegas

Boneyard, Las Vegas – An Interesting Site Indeed

One of the most interesting things about Las Vegas is how its constantly changing. That makes sense, right? You need to constantly change if you want to continue to dominate the entertainment market. It isn’t like movie theatres show the same movies repeatedly. When you vacation at Las Vegas RV Resort, you’re primed to see … Continued


On the Road

Six Degrees The concept behind Six Degrees of Separation is that everyone in the world is connected through six or less relationships. In this game, one person is going to name two different stars from either film or television. The other people in the car need to find a link between the two of them … Continued

Las Vegas Resort Arial View

Five Las Vegas Experiences!

Stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort when you come to town! It’s the best place in the world for a getaway. While you might bring your RV to park in on the 389 full hookup RV sites, we also have a beautiful Las Vegas Cottage rental unit that comfortably sleeps four. About Las Vegas … Continued

Valley of fire

Four State Parks Near Las Vegas

It might surprise you to know that the Las Vegas RV Resort is near several state parks. We mention this because visiting parks has become popular again. In fact, in 2015, more than 305 million people visited national parks and 325 million in 2016! Here are some memorable state parks within a short drive from … Continued

history of vegas entertainment

A Brief History of Vegas Entertainment

The format proved successful and became adopted by several more casino hotels on the Strip including Ben “Bugsy” Siegel’s Flamingo, a casino that attracted the most popular and glamorous celebrities from the entertainment world. This started the association between Las Vegas and Hollywood entertainers. Big Stars In the 1950s, the burst of Strip resorts lured … Continued