Day Trips From Las Vegas

Are you seeking something beyond the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip? Look no further. There are plenty of day trips from Sin City that offer something for everyone!

The Grand Canyon

One of the most sought-after day trips from Vegas is to the Grand Canyon, an immense natural marvel renowned for its size and color. No matter if you choose the North or South Rim trek, visitors will always leave with lasting memories. Add Monument Valley for an additional stop; here you can hike trails that lead below the Canyon while admiring fascinating desert wildlife as well as artifacts from Native American cultures.

Boulder City was initially home to construction crews working on the Hoover Dam. Tours to the Grand Canyon often start here and include stops at other nearby attractions like Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area with its famed petroglyphs.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area provides an ideal escape from Vegas casinos, offering hiking trails and internationally acclaimed rock climbing for all ages and experience levels within 30 minutes of driving from the Strip.

If you want a unique perspective of desert rock formations from above, Las Vegas offers various helicopter tours that allow visitors to do just that. Choose from various vantage points and timeslots – we suggest the sunset tour with champagne toasting and an option of flying over Mt. Charleston during the return flight!

Experience an unforgettable Vegas adventure while taking advantage of this spectacular opportunity by packing plenty of water, sunscreen, and layers in case the weather unexpectedly shifts. Additionally, please stay on designated trails to minimize erosion and respect any closures for restoration areas.

Boulder City

Boulder City lies in the heart of the Nevada desert but is far more than a gambling destination. Hemenway Park offers visitors an amazing opportunity to view a herd of bighorn sheep, while Boulder City’s Historic Downtown Main Street provides ample strolling space and is home to numerous museums like Hoover Dam Museum and Nevada State Railroad Museum.

Alternatively, Snow Canyon State Park offers excellent ski and snowboard opportunities during wintertime, offering an easy drive from Las Vegas and temperatures typically 20 degrees cooler than those found within its city limits.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Vegas, be sure to visit Ugo Rodinone’s Seven Magic Mountains art exhibit which opened in 2016. Visitors can visit this one-of-a-kind sight for free and it is just a few minutes drive southwest of Vegas.

Mojave National Preserve

Driving through Mojave National Preserve can provide another thrilling desert experience. Here, you’ll see cinder cones, lava flows and a petrified forest. It’s also an excellent opportunity for photography as its scenery continually shifts before your eyes!

Make the most out of your visit by joining a guided tour; you’ll hear many interesting tales of this area.

Lake Mead and More

One of the most beloved day trips from Las Vegas is visiting Lake Mead for swimming, hiking, boating, or fishing. Additionally, kayaks and paddleboards may be rented, or even one of its marinas to make this excursion truly unique!

For something unique and different, head to Goodsprings, Nevada – home to a ghost town you can tour or ghost hunt through and the Pioneer Saloon which boasts two reported ghosts.

Laughlin is another fantastic destination, boasting both big-city nightlife and small-town charm. Exploring all three is easily possible in one day trip from Las Vegas; just be sure to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen for optimal enjoyment!

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, situated just an hour’s drive away from Las Vegas, is one of the world’s most impressive man-made structures. Tours allow visitors to discover this massive dam while learning its intricate workings.

Hoover Dam day trips offer an ideal escape from the chaos and noise of the Las Vegas Strip. These tours start by picking you up at select hotels in town and transporting you directly to Hoover Dam where you’ll walk across its Bypass Bridge Walkway as well as visiting Lake Mead’s lookout.

Area 51

Area 51 offers another exciting day trip option from Las Vegas. Take a guided tour that offers an insider view into this mysterious government facility and its extraordinary happenings.