First Time Visitors Trip to Las Vegas

The amount of people that visited the Las Vegas area in 2017 was 42.2 million people. Certainly, a large portion of that number were return visitors. With the specials at the Las Vegas RV Resort, we see quite a few return guests as well.

However, Las Vegas can be an overwhelming place to visit and if you’re not properly prepared, you can find yourself not enjoying your vacation as much as you might like.

Planning a Trip to Vegas?

This one applies to veterans of Las Vegas as well as first time visitors to Las Vegas; don’t expect the same Vegas. Vegas reinvents itself around every ten years or so. If you’ve been here before, or your friends have been and told you what to expect, what you know or think you know may be outdated. To plan your trip, check out recent Las Vegas news on our website’s News section.

Trip To Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

A $5 Steak?

The second thing to keep in mind is that you can find specials anywhere and everywhere. There is a great deal of competition in Vegas, so you want to look around and investigate where you can get the best deal. After all, a $5 steak sounds mighty tempting.

When you visit Las Vegas, aim for the weekdays as much as possible. Las Vegas is never deserted, but you’ll find that it is very packed on weekends.

Finally, plan ahead. You should leave yourself some room for spontaneity, but you definitely want a solid game plan going into the trip.

Electrifying Las Vegas RV Resort Specials

At the Las Vegas RV Resort we’ve established a “not-to-exceed” electric charge system for monthly stays. The pricing is $125 from October 1 through March 31, and $175 from April 1 through September 30.

This will let you control your electric charges. So, if you were to visit us this August, you wouldn’t pay more than $175 for your electric that month. Now, if you used less than $175 worth, you’d only pay for what you used. Keep an eye on our site for other great deals.

About Las Vegas RV Resort

Located in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas RV Resort is restricted to guests 18 years of age or older. A courteous staff offers great amenities, such as an escort to your site after check-in, pool, fitness center, propane delivery, and free Wi-Fi. Monthly reservations are available. Book your Vegas stay at