Free in Las Vegas

Free? Las Vegas? Free isn’t always a word that people associate with Las Vegas. Sure, you can get free drinks in the casino while you’re gambling but let’s be honest. You don’t make the best decisions after you’ve had a few and you’re probably going to end up spending more money than the drink would ever cost.

Economists have a phrase for that, TANSTAAFL or There Ain’t No Such Thing as A Free Lunch. However, we can certainly recommend that while you’re saving money by staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, free in Las Vegas does happen!

The Park Las Vegas is Free

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The Park Las Vegas is an entertainment district that is outdoors and friendly to pedestrians. You’ll find trees, wide open spaces, picnic tables, and benches amongst other draws. One of those draws is an eco-friendly water wall. The whole park is made better by shade structures.

These devices collect heat from below and spread it upwards away from you. In fact, the whole park is designed to be cooler than the surrounding area. Between the structures, the sandstone, trees, and other water structures you’ll feel a definite difference from the city heat of the city.

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The Park is free in Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort
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What to do for Free?

Since this is a great shaded area you can just go for a stroll and relax as you get away from some of the sometimes-overwhelming glitz and glamour of the Strip. It is also a great place for a picnic so you could just pack yourself a sandwich and enjoy the park as you have a meal.

About Las Vegas RV Resort

Located in Las Vegas itself, you can be near the free Las Vegas action at our RV Resort. We cater to guests 18 years of age or older. We provide great amenities, such as an escort to your site after check-in, a pool, fitness center, propane delivery, and free Wi-Fi. Monthly reservations are available. Book your Vegas stay at