Fun Facts About the Greatest City in the World, Las Vegas

Last time we were discussing some fun facts about the greatest city in the world, Las Vegas. We thought you might enjoy it if we shared some more fun facts before your stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort. So, sit back and enjoy as we reveal some more interesting tidbits.

Fun Facts about Love and Marriage

Las Vegas is a great place to get married. In fact, 150 couples get married in Vegas every day. On the flip side, however, Las Vegas is the divorce capital of the country. Guess it’s never too late to change your mind!

Shiny Lights

Last time we mentioned the light shining from the Luxor Hotel, but this time, we thought you’d be interested in the rest of the bright lights. Our City of Lights has 9,900,000 lightbulbs just on the Strip. Not only that, but as you drive along the Strip, you’ll see 15 miles of neon tubes. If you’re interested in lights whose fame has dimmed, you can take a side trip to the Boneyard at the Neon Museum.

26 Feet Underground

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It’s said that back in 1978 one very rich individual became quite concerned about nuclear war. That isn’t surprising, many Americans were worried about that sort of event.

However, this person had the means to do something about it. He supposedly built an underground mansion that occupied over 15,200-square-feet of space on Spencer Street in Las Vegas. It is said that he didn’t skimp on the fancy touches, including an elaborate outdoor landscape of faux trees, grass, and putting green!

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Fun Facts About the Greatest City in the World, Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

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