Get A New Altitude in Las Vegas

To say that Las Vegas is right in the middle of a desert basin, you might be surprised to learn that this wondrous city is, in fact, 2,030 feet above sea level.

What’s even more surprising is that, in the space of just a few days, you can experience a whole variety of different climates when you visit the areas surrounding Las Vegas.

Areas Surrounding Las Vegas | Different Climates Surrounding Las Vegas

Drop Down

The Clark County Wetland Park is only a short trek from the Las Vegas RV resort, yet it’s located lower down at just 1,607 feet above sea level. Instead of the desert brush, here you’ll find a lush wetland teeming with local wildlife. It’s the last remaining hint of Las Vegas’ history, and it’s a great walk for wildlife enthusiasts.

Start Climbing

If desert climates are more your thing, then the Valley of Fire State Park features rolling cliffs of sunset-red rock and desert wildlife. Sitting at 3,009 feet above sea level, this state park is a great place to go for hikers, nature lovers, and those of you who want to learn more about Nevada’s topography and history.

Scale New Heights

If all of the above still sounds too low for your liking, then Mount Charleston sits at an astonishing 7,510 feet above sea level. During the winter months, you can leave the desert scenery and go to an alpine-esque wonderland of skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. If you’re into hiking, then Mount Charleston in the spring is a gorgeous sight. And, for those of you who are experienced hikers, you can even attempt the hike to Charleston Peak at 11,916 feet above sea level.

Experience New Climates at Las Vegas RV Resort

While the Las Vegas area may seem like it’s a never-ending desert, there’s a surprising array of climates within a short drive of our RV resort for you to experience.

If you’re looking for a great RV resort within a short distance of the sights and experiences of Las Vegas, look no further than the Las Vegas RV Resort. To learn more about our facilities, chat with one of our friendly team members today.