Golfing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers all sorts of fun, recreational activities, some of which you might not suspect. When you’re staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, golfing abounds, in addition to all the great restaurants, casinos, and shopping opportunities that you associate with Las Vegas already.

Golfing in Vegas?

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It is hardly surprising that you may never have thought about going golfing in Vegas. After all, Las Vegas, as we discussed in a previous blog, is located in the middle of a desert. Golfing brings up images of green landscapes. The two don’t seem to go together. While that may be true on the surface, you’ll be pleased to note that it isn’t the case in Vegas. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

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Golfing in Las Vegas with over 55 golf courses | Las Vegas RV Resort


You’re spoiled for options when it comes to golfing in Las Vegas with over 55 golf courses in the area. With that number comes a lovely variety of different course types you get access to. Of course, you’ve got the big choices like private or public, but while you’ve saved a lot of money by choosing Las Vegas RV Resort, private golf courses might take more of a bite out of your wallet than you might like. With that in mind, next time we’ll take a look at specific courses that are highly regarded.

About Las Vegas RV Resort

Located in Las Vegas itself, you can be near the action at Las Vegas RV Resort. This RV resort is restricted to guests 18 years of age or older and in addition to a courteous staff offers great amenities, such as an escort to your site after check-in, pool, fitness center, propane delivery, and free Wi-Fi. Monthly reservations are available. Book your Vegas stay at