Great Hiking Trails in Las Vegas

Whenever someone mentions Las Vegas a few things quickly come to mind: casinos, lounges & clubs, and the ill-planned wedding cliche. You know, the Elvis look-a-like justice of the peace ceremony, not unlike the one from the movie: “The Hangover?”

But there’s much more to Vegas than the bright lights and casinos. You may not know that hiking trails near Las Vegas are exceptional, for all skill levels.

Las Vegas Boasts Beautiful Hiking Trail Opportunities

What many people may not realize about Las Vegas is that it’s actually surrounded by a beautiful and varied desert environment. There are pine-frosted mountains, deep flowing rivers, incredible rock formations, and waterfall-filled canyons.

Most people will not visit the Vegas area for hiking adventures (their loss!), but here are three in close proximity to the Las Vegas RV Resort and the Strip, that are well worth your time.

1. Fire Wave Trail:
This stunning hike is just over one mile, in Valley of Fire State Park. It’s an easy hike that most will be able to complete. The trail is clearly marked with reflector posts. However, much of the trail is on bare rock slopes and soft sand, so it is not ideal for the mobility impaired. This trail is a wonderland for photographers as it’s surrounded by pink, orange, yellow, and red rocks of amazing shapes, and an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise are especially beautiful times to visit.

2. Calico Tanks Trail:
A wonderful hike in Red Rock Canyon, this moderate trail follows a rocky wash to pristine pools of water in a rocky hilltop and distant vistas of Las Vegas.

3. Bristlecone Trail:
At only a 45-minute drive from downtown Las Vegas, the peak of Lee Canyon in Spring Mountains National Recreation Area is hugely appealing. Temps in the warmer season can be 20 degrees cooler than in Vegas. The loop is five miles through scenic aspen and white fir groves.

Who would have thought that Vegas offers beautiful hiking trails and world-class outdoor recreational adventures? Book your stay now, at the adults-only Las Vegas RV Resort, so that you can relish great outdoor hiking!