Halloween Activities In and Around Las Vegas


Are you ready for the month of Halloween…er, October in Vegas? The cooler fall weather makes all manner of outdoor activities more enjoyable, but it’s still warm enough to take a dip in the pool. With all the spooky fun Halloween activities coupled with temps in the 80s, some say October is the best time to take a trip to Vegas. Below are just a few scares and thrills you can enjoy during your stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort.

Halloween Activities In and Around Las Vegas

Freakling Bros. Horror Show

The Freakling Bros. run Nevada’s only R-rated haunted house in Nevada, Gates of Hell. They also have two other haunted houses to enjoy, Castle Vampyre and The Coven Of 13. The second two are frightening, but if you are looking for a full sensory horror experience, the Gates of Hell requires all patrons to be 17+ and sign a waiver before entering the terrifying experience.

If you are looking for a bit more fun-scarry Halloween activity rather than a life-altering scarry, according to vegas.com, “Castle Vampyre blends classic Halloween terror with the fun, mesmerizing tricks of a magic show that make it more palatable for younger ages while still offering plenty of frights.”

Their haunted houses will be open the entire month of October. Visit the Freakling Bros. site for more info.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

The “Goodsprings Ghost Hunt” was featured on Travel Channel’s hit show “Ghost Adventures.” Rather than being a spooky haunted house with Hollywood scares, this is a historically driven ghost investigation in a real ghost town about 35 minutes from Las Vegas.

The town of Goodsprings was a bustling gold mining town in the early 1900s. Today only two of the many businesses that lined the town’s streets are still in business, the General Store and the Pioneer Saloon. The latter is considered to be one of the oldest bars in Nevada. Throughout the experience, you will be given EMF detectors, temperature guns, and dowsing rods while you journey through the old buildings and streets of the town at night. A meal is provided at the Pioneer Saloon as well.

This attraction is available year-round. Learn More >

Fun Halloween Activities and Unique Pricing

The Las Vegas RV Resort offers monthly rates as well as daily rates. Starting October 1st and lasting through March 31st, we’ve established a “not-to-exceed” electric charge of $125 per month. What does that mean? Let’s say you stay with us in October for a month and use $45 worth of electricity. You only pay what you use, $45. However, if you used $150 in electricity, you would only pay up to $125. The rest is on us. That’s a fantastic deal when it comes to month-to-month stays.

Visit our Specials page to learn more about why this practice saves you the most on monthly rates. Make sure you have enough time to visit all the Halloween activities Vegas has to offer and stay a month or more.

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