Haunted Las Vegas

It is October, sometimes cheekily named Spooktober, a great time for people to give themselves anything from chills to outright terror. You won’t find anything chilling or terrible about your experience at the Las Vegas RV Resort. However, you don’t have to go far off the grounds see Haunted Las Vegas in this most spooky of months.

Haunted Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a young city, but it has already had enough life (and death) in it to spawn several ghostly stories that can give you a chilling experience. One such location is the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, home to a ghost named Mr. Petre, a former employee.

Also, present is a spirit thought to be Will Lowden, the son of the school’s benefactor, who manifests as a playing piano in empty rooms. Another location is the La Palazza Mansion, featured on TV’s Ghost Stories. This mansion was a former mob house. One recent owner made the near fatal mistake of challenging the resident ghost and was nearly choked to death by the angered entity.

Ghosts of Haunted Las Vegas | Las Vegas RV Resort

Chilling Experience or Terrifying?

Even more macabre than some of the others, the Little Choo Choo Daycare Site is said to be haunted by two spirits. The first is a teacher who committed suicide and has been seen as a woman who suddenly vanishes into the air. The second spirit is a ghostly child carrying a shovel, the spirit of a child dragged underneath the miniature train after which the location was named.

Further away is Fox Ridge Park, which is said to be haunted by a little boy. He can be seen around midnight playing on the swings, the victim of a car crash. Don’t bother him though, as he will take on a demonic appearance if upset turning a chilling experience to one much more terrifying.

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