More Las Vegas Facts

One of the amazing things about Las Vegas is the vast amount of neat facts that are right in front of you, but you just might not see. You, fortunately, know at least that the best place to get the most bang for your buck when choosing a place to stay is the Las Vegas RV Resort.

After all, you know that there won’t be any kids goofing off and disrupting your vacation since it is 18+ to stay there. You also know that they will take good care of you while you’re there. How about five facts that you (probably) didn’t know?

#5 Swapping

While each casino has their own chips, they will honor your chips even if you’ve got some from another casino. This isn’t the case outside of Vegas.

#4 Greater Sphinx

While you may know that the Luxor Las Vegas’ Sphinx is a recreation of the original Great Sphinx of Giza, what you may not know is that it is actually 101 feet higher than the original.


#3 Not So Shrimpy

You’ve see shrimp on most buffets and it is a popular item at many different restaurants. What you probably didn’t know is that the amount of shrimp consumed in Las Vegas is over 60,000 lbs. a day. That’s more than the rest of the nation combined.

#2 Free Ice Cream?

You may have heard of Howard Hughes, a wealthy aviator and businessman most recently portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator. You may even have known that he spent a lot of time at the Las Vegas’ Desert Inn. What you probably didn’t know is that he ordered 200 gallons of Baskin-Robbins Banana Nut ice cream while staying there and then decided he didn’t want it anymore. The Desert Inn gave away free Banana Nut ice cream for the next year.

#1 The Heart Attack Grill

A restaurant themed around heart attacks, actually did have someone have a heart attack while eating there.

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