Packing For Your Trip To Las Vegas

Whoo Hoo! You’re headed to Las Vegas, a city where all kinds of fun abound!

From one of the best places to park your RV, Las Vegas RV Resort, you’ll find casinos, shopping, shows, cool pawn shops and so much more, you should have blast from morning till night.

But before you decide on what casino game you want to start your trip with, be sure you pack the right items

Packing For Las Vegas | Packing the Right Items for Las Vegas

1. Sneakers or walking shoes

Yes, this may sound like a given, but if you don’t pack the right shoes you’ll be sorry. You need comfy – let’s reiterate – comfy walking shoes to go from A to Z in Sin City.

2. Camera

Be it a smartphone or an old-fashioned camera, this is one of those electronics you want to always have with you. Las Vegas is a picturesque city from its mountains to its side streets. Be ready!

3. A phone charger

Don’t be caught without a phone charger for your smartphone. You never know when your battery will be low, and you need an instant charge. If you have your own you should be able to stop and plug it in anywhere.

4. Water bottle

Las Vegas is a desert community so the days can be hot. While you can get a drink in the casinos or shops, we suggest you carry a water bottle to rehydrate without stopping the fun!

5. Bathing suit, sunscreen, shades

All things you’ll want to use when spending time at our pool and spa.

6. Dressy outfit

A light and easy-to-pack dressy outfit along with some stylish sandals or shoes for those fine dining evenings and premier shows.

7. Mask and hand sanitizer

We’re still following safety protocols in Las Vegas, so be sure you pack a mask and some hand sanitizer. While most places will have these in their lobbies, restrooms, etc., it’s always best to have your own so you can use them whenever you need to. Toss them in your purse or backpack.

Kick Back

After you’ve had a great day in Las Vegas head back to the Las Vegas RV Resort for some well-needed and well-deserved relaxation. Be sure to book your stay soon!