Red Rock Canyon – A Hiker’s Paradise

Good news! is a perfect day-trip from Las Vegas RV Resort, and as of June 1st, much of it is open to the public, including…*

  • Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive
  • Red Rock Overlook
  • Late Night Trailhead
  • Red Spring Boardwalk
  • Calico Basin and Kraft Mountain Trailheads
Hiking in Las Vegas | Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
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Get out of the RV and hike the trails, photograph native plants and wildlife and marvel at the geology. Just 17 miles west of The Strip, Red Rock Canyon is a refreshing change from the glittering lights of Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

When it’s too hot to hike, drive the 13- mile loop of breath-taking mountains and vast skies.

Red Rock Overlook

Experience the stillness of beautiful Red Rock Canyon, where magnificent mountains display different layers of colors. Visit the ‘Overlook’ to capture incredible pictures of the sunset.

Late Night Trailhead

If you have a mountain bike in your RV, saddle it up to the car and head to Late Night Trailhead. You will be glad you did. The best part? It’s free!

Red Spring Boardwalk

Dog-friendly and full of desert flowers. This half-mile, well-maintained Boardwalk hike is good for all skill levels. Beautiful scenery, desert plants and informational boards add to your enjoyment.

Calico Basin and Kraft Mountain Trailheads

Degree of skill level goes from moderate to strenuous as you ascend from the Basin to the Mountains

The Red Rocks Are Aztec Sandstone

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located just a few miles west of Las Vegas and encompasses nearly 200,000 acres within the Mojave Desert.

The Red Rocks were millions of years in the making and their red, orange, or brown colors are due to the presence of iron ore or hematite in the sandstone. Exposure to wind and water caused the iron to oxidize and produce the colors you see today.

Areas where the rock is buff in color may be places where the iron has been leached out by subsurface water, or where the iron oxide was never deposited.

Don’t leave Las Vegas without visiting Red Rock Canyon. It’s beauty will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

*Check with Red Rock Canyon before setting out as some areas may have reduced hours or capabilities. For more info, call (702) 515-5350