RV Camping Party Ideas for Adults

Soaking up the fresh air is one of the joys of camping, but after a while, you might crave something else to keep yourself active. Luckily, there are numerous fun camping party activities for adults that can add variety beyond simply sitting around a fire.

Adult Camping Party Games

Camping with friends should be memorable and engaging; try one or more of these easy and engaging campfire games!

Truth or Dare is an age-old game perfect for adults as there are no serious repercussions for answering truthfully and fulfilling dares. But this can be a noisy game so make sure it takes place in a safe area away from any fire hazards or any other potential threats that might make playing dangerous!

Play French cricket or cornhole for an enjoyable and peaceful game when camping. Glowing-in-the-dark frisbees and cornhole boards make great additions to any camping trip as they can be played around a campfire late into the night, while French cricket requires strategy and focus as it provides a unique way of getting to know new camping companions better – perfect as an icebreaker game!

Tasty Food & Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re hosting an adult camping party, alcoholic beverages can make for tasty beverages. Try this camping-inspired drink recipe featuring marshmallow liquor and chocolate drizzle with a graham cracker rim – guaranteed to impress guests at your next campout!

Though you won’t have time to create an elaborate camping meal in tin foil for your guests, this delicious stuffed camping burger is just as delectable! Filled with beef, cheddar cheese and bacon – perfect for camping trips.

Create the Malibu Sunset for a sweet alcoholic drink that looks as great as it tastes! Made with simple ingredients that are sure to impress guests.

Trail mix is an indispensable camping staple, making setting up a build-your-own trail mix bar at your camping party an effortless task. Make it extra memorable by providing it in cellophane bags as party favors; add in some tin cups adorned with compasses or flashlights for even more entertainment value!

Outdoor Exploration

One way to enjoy the outdoors is through playing environmental-themed games. An enjoyable option is flashlight tag – an exciting combination of hide and seek and tag that is suitable for adults. You could even use it as an opportunity for some friendly competition between two teams by acting out different characters (people, places or objects) for them to guess.

Alternatively, you could enjoy playing volleyball or badminton on the beach or a grassy field. Or try your luck at slacklining; tightrope walking on a flat narrow mesh only inches above the ground is another exciting activity!

Yard Party Games

If you have extra space at your gathering and would like something fun and physical to occupy the time between activities, try playing flashlight tag or capture the flag as games to bring adults together. Both these games provide hours of entertainment!

Take the opportunity to play Two Truths and a Lie outdoors; it’s an easy game that helps you discover more about your fellow campers.

Board games can make for an excellent addition to any gathering, but camping parties often benefit most from them. They’re easy to transport and setup is typically quick; if you have access to a pool, try setting up pool tic-tac-toe or slip n’ slide kickball for an added touch!