RV Camping Tips for City Folk

Perhaps you’ve camped a few times as a child, but then quickly moved to the hotel life as you got older. You want to relive those days of sleeping out under the stars. Or you’ve just never camped in your life, and you’re wondering what all the hub-bub is about.

City dwellers are being converted by the thousands to the joys of camping. Many have wondered for years if the camping life was for them – they just never took that gentle leap. If you are one of them; in other words, a long-time listener, first-time caller, then read on.

Expect to Have a Ball

Being out in nature, trying new activities, connecting with loved ones in an RV or tent. These are all simple things that leave an outstanding impression on our psyche. Put down those phones, laptops, and tablets, and dare to disconnect completely. Get ready to truly unwind. It’s amazing what joy you can experience without the use of screentime.

Know the Difference Between Different Types of Camping

Try your hand at tent camping, RV camping, or simply ‘glamping’ in a cabin or yurt. Heck, try all of them. You’ll quickly discover what type of camping suits you best. Rent an RV and take it for a spin, either at an RV resort near your hometown, or on a cross-country jaunt. The country is your oyster! Campground resorts offer the best of both worlds – being out in nature while enjoying resort amenities such as swimming pools, game rooms, clubhouses, restaurants, etc.

Rent or Borrow Your Camping Gear

If you are camping for the first time, you’ll definitely want a trial run. You can save money by renting the gear you need (tents, sleeping bags, table/chairs, RVs, portable grills, kayaks, etc.) or borrowing from an outdoorsy friend. It’s a great way to test the waters of your camping style. Then in the future, you can invest in your own gear. Trust us, you’ll get the ‘camping bug’ quickly!

Opt for Easy Food Choices

If you like to cook, outdoor grilling offers a wealth of delicious food options. Whether it’s on a gas stove or over an open fire, cooking outdoors just makes food taste better! And it’s so simple – here are a few great beginner recipes. But if cooking is not your forte, not to worry. Resort campgrounds almost always have restaurants, snack bars, and the like. Or load up on your favorite cold foods at the grocery store. Forgot to bring something? Head into the nearest town for those last-minute items.

Sharing Communal Spaces

As a city dweller, this should come as second nature to you. Most campgrounds will have central (yet private) showers, bathrooms, laundry, and meeting spaces. It may come as no surprise that trying to grab a shower in the morning may be a bit of a waiting game, so try to get yours in later in the morning or before bedtime. Hanging out at a resort campground’s clubhouse or lounge is the perfect way to meet other people and swap stories of camping life.

Be Ready to Explore

As you head out of camp for the day to explore attractions nearby, a little planning goes a long way. Find out ahead of time what interests you – the hours of operation and if you need to reserve a spot. Many popular national parks still require a reservation as people are coming to them in droves and they need to manage the crowds. In short – know before you go.

Start Planning!

Expanding on the previous point, you’ll save a ton of time by knowing what your plan is for the day. Know the shortest route to get there, what gear you’ll need if you’re going hiking, boating, etc., and bring plenty of food, snacks, and water. There’s always another adventure waiting for you around the bend.