That New Celebrity, Las Vegas Snow!

If you know Las Vegas, you’re familiar with all the talent that comes in and out of the town. Staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, you can have a great home base while you’re out looking to catch celebrities having fun or at their latest show in town. Usually the celebrities that folks talk about are people, but recently that wasn’t the case. Instead, we saw snow in Las Vegas!!

Snow in Las Vegas

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Many individuals went outside to catch a closer look at the falling snow. The snow marked a daily record and a second latest date for a day when a half inch or more had fallen. The recent record holder was .6 inches on Feb 25, 1987.

The amount of snow didn’t even come close to the single-day record of 7.4 inches set in 1979. McCarran on the edge of the city, has seen snowfall over an inch 20 times since 1937, but this was only the second time in twenty years that any snowfall has been measurable.

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That New Celebrity, Las Vegas Snow! | Las Vegas RV Resort
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Just for Looks

The snow didn’t have a severe impact on the area; schools remained open and the roads were clear. It truly was more of a show than anything else. It did, however, make for some amazing visuals with the Luxor becoming a snow-topped pyramid. Some individuals had a lot of fun putting together snowmen across the city.

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