The Las Vegas Mob Museum

Las Vegas has long been connected in people’s minds with organized crime or the mob. Some even say the founder of modern Las Vegas in the late 40s was a notorious gangster named Ben Siegel. Plenty of films that take place in Las Vegas focus on this connection.

In fact, you may have watched some of them in anticipation of your stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort. The Las Vegas Mob Museum or officially, the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, is a very popular destination for tourists to fill out the movie versions with the facts.

The Las Vegas Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is located down on 300 Stewart Avenue, just off Fremont Street. This museum offers a world-class journey through the true stories of the mob from its inception to the headlines of today. It was designed by the same folks that put together the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the International Spy Museum. The hours are 9am – 9pm for the main museum, and 9am – 9pm for The Underground.

The Las Vegas Mob Museum | Las Vegas RV Resort
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Things to Do

Since we already mentioned it, lets start with The Underground. This is an immersive Prohibition history exhibit that features a distillery, speakeasy, and private VIP room. Located in the basement of the museum you can experience craft cocktails of the Prohibition era while surrounded by artifacts from the 1920s in the speakeasy.

You can also head over to the distillery to learn more about the bootleggers and rum runners as well as their government foes. Aside from the basement you’ve also got three floors packed with history. The first floor will cover, listening devices, organized crime today, and crime labs.

The second floor covers the Kefauver Hearings, the spread of the mob, some of their most famous murders, and their presence in Las Vegas. The third floor takes you through the beginnings of the mob, prohibition, more on their presence in Las Vegas, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and how the Feds fought to defeat the mob.

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