The Las Vegas Springs Preserve

In our last post, we talked about the Las Vegas Springs, the original water source in the Las Vegas area. With that in mind we thought we’d expand on that and talk about a lovely area you can explore while you’re staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Maintaining the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve is 180 acres owned by the Las Vegas Valley Water District and is dedicated to nature walks and displays. The Preserve is built around the Las Vegas Springs and designed to show the ways people live in the desert environment which means to take advantage of what is available.

Examples of this are that the parking area doubles as the roof of the reservoir and shade structures generate power because of photovoltaic cells in them. The vehicles are also powered by hydrogen, created by a solar powered hydrogen fueling station.

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The Las Vegas Springs Preserve | Las Vegas RV Resort
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There are many exhibits at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. One is the Origen Experience, which consists of three interactive exhibits. These tell stories about the Las Vegas Valley. The Desert Living Center offers educational opportunities and interactive galleries.

There are also four themed trails that encompass 1.8 miles of beautiful landscapes. You can also visit the Nevada State Museum, which describes the development of Las Vegas and the area’s natural history, and the Nature Exchange, which is aimed at children and uses trading mechanisms to develop interest and understanding.

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Located in Las Vegas, as is the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, the Las Vegas RV Resort serves guests 18 years of age or older with a courteous staff that attends to all of your needs. Your stay includes great amenities, such as an escort to your site after check-in, a pool, a fitness center, propane delivery, and free Wi-Fi. Monthly reservations are available. Book your Vegas stay at