The Las Vegas Springs

These days, when you think of Las Vegas, you’ll likely think of the massive and amazing city that has grown up in what normally would be quite the inhospitable place. The Las Vegas Springs, however, near the Las Vegas RV Resort, is where our great city first came alive!

Las Vegas Springs

The Las Vegas Springs, or Big Springs is sometimes known as the Birthplace of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Springs are the site of an oasis, also known as a cienega. For over 15,000 years, springs broke through the floor of the desert here in Nevada and created some grassy meadows.

These grassy meadows were named las vegas by the Mexican explorers. They offered up a bubbling source of water for Native Americans at least 5,000 years ago and sustained travelers along the Old Spanish Trail.

The Use and Decline of the Springs

The Mexican expeditions that pioneered the Old Spanish Trail used the springs, as did John C. Fremont and Kit Carson. There were three springs that created two large pools of water and made a place for pioneers and Native Americans to gather.

In 1905 the springs were a water source that helped the town get started. However, once pipelines were laid and wells began to be drilled, the water table dropped. In 1962 the springs stopped flowing altogether. Today the Las Vegas Springs are Nevada Historical Marker 40 and are undergoing protective rehabilitation.

The Las Vegas Springs near Las Vegas RV Resort
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