The Oasis in the Desert

When you’re visiting Las Vegas via the Las Vegas RV Resort, it can sometimes be easy to lose yourself in the city and all the amazing creations that men have built there to entertain and more. You will no doubt enjoy the casinos, eateries, and other fabulous businesses that fill the city. Sometimes it is easy to forget that outside of this man-made oasis lies desert.

The North

The northern two-thirds of the state is part of the Great Basin Desert, the largest U.S. desert. The reason for this desert is the rain shadow caused by the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. Because of its latitude and elevation, the Great Basin is known as a cold desert.

While the Great Basin is a desert, that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of life. Rather, you’ll find a variety throughout the state. For example, there are over 61 species of mammals alone in Nevada along with 480 species of birds.

Great Basin Nevada | Las Vegas RV Resort | Oasis

The South

While the Great Basin Desert makes up the top two-thirds of the state, the lower third is part of the Mojave Desert. If you look outside of Las Vegas, the desert you’re seeing is the Mojave. This desert is the smallest of the continent’s deserts.
Temperatures range from freezing to over 125 degrees. Death Valley, a part of this desert, is the lowest, hottest and driest place in all of North America. Despite this harsh environment, humans have made homes here for over 10,000 years as have at least 2,341 different plant species.

Mohave desert | Las Vegas RV Resort | Oasis

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