The RV Industry Today

The RV Industry pays attention to the people living here in Las Vegas, and that’s true not just of the Strip, but also here at the Las Vegas RV Resort. There have been several people that are just now entering the RV scene. A new group attracting attention are the Millennials.


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Media coverage of Millennials has been, for many years, negative. There were extensive concerns regarding about how they would impact various industries. As so many media fads go, this one turned out to be wrong on several points.

Millennials are helping to revitalize several industries that have languished in the not-so-distant past. One of those was the RV industry and we’re certainly glad to welcome them into the fold.

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The RV Industry Today | Las Vegas RV Resort

The RV Industry Rebound

RVs are a big-ticket item and fall into the consumer discretionary category. This category has shown an uptick of 17% recently. This is great news as the RV industry was in a bit of a slump in the late 2000s. Perhaps that’s underselling the point. It was a 30-year low. Hardly surprising considering that much of the U.S. was suffering around the time as part of the Great Recession.

Now however, Winnebago has reported an 18% sales increase, which is in line with the industry wide increase of 17.2%. One of the primary drivers attributed to this increase are millennials who are finally feeling like they have enough money to purchase vehicles that are just right for them and their schedules.

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