The Vegas Thanksgiving Experience

Thousands of people visit here seeking that Vegas experience. The great thing is that it isn’t any one experience exactly. There is truly something here for everyone. When people come to stay at the Las Vegas RV Resort, they do so for many reasons.

Some are here for gambling, others for shows, or food. Many are here for all those reasons combined. While Las Vegas is famous for a lot of reasons, and people visit for any number of them, one thing usually gets left out, the Vegas Thanksgiving Experience!

The Vegas Thanksgiving Experience

While many people don’t think of Thanksgiving and Vegas together, there is no reason why they shouldn’t. We’ve got everything you could want for the holiday. After all, we’re famous for the wide variety of food offerings and there’s no reason our restaurants can’t do a fantastic job of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner to make your Vegas experience truly amazing.

Where to go?

A great place to have Thanksgiving dinner is the House of Blues where you’ll find a buffet with all the traditional holiday favorites as well as some great music to accompany it. You can also have a great experience at the Jardin at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Thanksgiving Experience | Las Vegas RV Resort

Here you can not only get an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, but if any of your party are vegan or vegetarian, they’ll find no shortage of selections. If you’re looking to venture out and try something a little different you can check out the Rhythm Kitchen Seafood and Steaks, where you’ll get to experience a Cajun-style Thanksgiving dinner. These restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg here at Las Vegas this year. Come visit and see for yourself.

About Las Vegas RV Resort

Located in Las Vegas itself, you can be near the action at Las Vegas RV Resort—where we welcome guests 18 years and older. Visit us for a grand Vegas Thanksgiving Experience!